Hatchbacks With The Most Cargo Space

Bmw 4 Series Gran Coupe: Rear seats up/down – 17.5 Cu.Ft. / 45.9 Cu.Ft.

This sleek coupe-looking BMW is actually a hatchback. It also has 40/20/40 split-folding rear seats that add flexibility for hauling long or bulky things.

Honda Civic Hatchback: Rear seats up/down –  25.7 Cu.Ft. / 46.2 Cu.Ft.

The Honda Civic can do everything. It’s fun, fuel-efficient, fast, and practical. It offers SUV-versatility and more space than the sedan. The cargo cover stows away smartly with reducing cargo volume, and the 60/40 split-folding rear seats fold completely flat.

Porsche Panamera: Rear seats up/down – 14.3 to 18.3 Cu.Ft. / 44 to 52.6 Cu.Ft.

The difference is due to the difference in the standard model and the long-wheelbase Executive model. It seats four in luxury and is a practical, sporty luxury car.

Honda Fit: Rear seats up/down – 16.6 Cu.Ft. / 52.7 Cu.Ft.

Honda makes incredibly practical cars, and the Fit fits the bill.  It looks small but hides a supremely roomy interior. The Magic Seats let you fold the cushion up so you can haul tall items, and the 60/40 split-folding rear seatbacks go entirely flat to maximize cargo capacity.

Volkswagen Golf/Golf GTI: Rear seats up/down – 22.8 Cu.Ft. / 52.7 to 53.7 Cu.Ft.

These two versions of the Golf are extremely practical compact cars. Their upright profile and squared-off rear end makes loading items easy. The seatbacks fold completely flat, so bulky items can be hauled with no issues. And the GTI has a 228-hp engine that makes it so much fun.

Kia Niro: Rear seats up/down – 18.5 to 19.4 Cu.Ft. / 53.0 to 54.5 Cu.Ft.

It’s not great to look at, but is extremely practical. The cargo space makes it a great family car. Even the hybrid and EV versions don’t sacrifice practicality as the batteries are stored below the passenger compartment.

Volkswagen Arteon: Rear seats up/down – 27.2 Cu.Ft. / 55.0 Cu.Ft.

The exterior inspires lust. The practicality of the interior makes it more desirable. It’s a rare stylish car with practical hatchback cargo capacity.

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