The Best Time To Buy A New Truck

The best time to buy a new truck is when dealerships are looking to sell them in a hurry. At these times, the dealerships usually price the trucks lower than they do at other times. If you plan the time right, you could end up saving thousands of dollars on your new truck. We’ve put together some insider information to help you find the right time to drive that new truck home.

Remember, the more patient you are about buying your new truck, the better. The most common months for discounts are October, November, and December. These are the months when discounts are the highest. If you can wait till December, you’re likely to get the best prices. There may be limited stock available at that time, but you are still likely to get a better price. This means that you can use the time between now and December to do some research and find the perfect truck. After all, there are so many trucks with so many sizes, towing, engine, and cab options. You also have to see which ones have the optional packages that you need for your work or lifestyle. You can also use the extra time for test drives, and visiting dealerships to find the best deal.

After those three months, you’re likely to find some discounts in the summer between May and September. There are a lot of sales held in the summer, especially around Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. People are in the mood to shop, and dealerships run sales to excite customers.

The least likely months for deals are late winter and early spring between January and April. New stock usually arrives during this time, and dealerships are busy preparing for the upcoming seasonal sales. Demand is generally low during this time as well.

Still, if you really need a truck, you could try the end of any given month. Salespeople need to meet their quotas. If they are short, they could be willing to cut good deals with you to make a sale and reach their target. You could get good discounts and incentives too.

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