Best & Worst Beverages For Diabetic Patients

Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders marked primarily by high blood sugar levels. Being careful with and mindful of the number of carbohydrates in what you consume, is the easiest way to prevent a sudden rise in your blood sugar levels.

Here we explore the 5 best drinks to consume and the 5 worst drinks to avoid if you are diabetic:

The 5 best drinks:

  1. Water

For diabetics, zero-calorie or low-calorie drinks are the best options, with water topping the list of beverages they can consume. Add a slice of a citrus fruit or herbs to liven up your drink.

  1. Tea

Another great low-calorie option is tea which can also improve your blood pressure and heart health. Just make sure to avoid using sweeteners.

  1. Coffee

Coffee, either with caffeine or decaf is a great way to reduce your appetite and at the same time give a boost to your mood and energy, without increasing your sugar levels.

  1. Vegetable juice

Green leafy vegetable juice or tomato juice is a great option for diabetics. Additionally, it is a source of vital antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

  1. Low Fat Milk

Dairy contains important vitamins and minerals that promote bone health and overall well being. They can, however, add carbohydrates. Always check the packaging and select low-fat options.

The 5 worst drinks:

  1. Regular soda

Soda can be very harmful to diabetics with large amounts of added sugar that can lead to weight gain and also weaken the enamel in your teeth.

  1. Energy drinks

Energy drinks tend to be high in carbohydrates and different types of sugars. They lead to increased blood sugar levels and can also lead to developing insulin resistance.

  1. Diet soda

Diet soda, although a healthier alternative to regular soda, can wreak havoc in your gut. Artificial sweeteners have been found to weaken gut bacteria causing digestive problems and increasing insulin resistance.

  1. Fruit juices with added sugar

Natural fruit juices can be a source of vitamins and minerals however processed fruit juices with added sugar have large amounts of sugar with very little fiber which can greatly increase your sugar levels. 

  1. Alcohol

While an occasional glass of wine may be good for your overall health, make sure to refrain from consuming large amounts of alcohol which can spike your blood sugar.

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