Tips to Save a Ton on Auto Rental Options

A rental car may be your best option to commute if there is no reliable form of public transportation. Here are some tips to save big bucks on auto rental options.

Book it early

Booking a car earlier can help you get it at a lower rate than what you would at the last minute, especially during peak times. If you find something cheaper after booking, cancel the reservation and make a new one.

Use discounts

You can get discounts either by talking to your employer, or the rental company with which your company has a tie-up. You can also check if organizations like AAA, Costco, or mileage programs offer rental car discounts. Your credit card company may also offer discounts. You could find discount codes or bargain deals online as well.

Invest in your own navigator

Getting your own navigator can save you the additional $20 a day you would have to pay if you get the GPS option added to your rental car. Additionally, you can use the navigator while using your own vehicle too.

Book a late return

Booking your return well after your estimated arrival time can help you avoid a late fee if an emergency comes up, and you are unable to return your rental car on time.

Check for insurance

It is helpful to know if your car insurance and credit card cover rental cars. If they don’t, you may need to buy insurance from the rental company.

Ask for an upgrade

Just as you are checking out your rental car at the counter, you could politely ask for an upgrade. You may get lucky if there is a model available.

Choose an alternative to airport rental companies

You could also save money by booking a rental car from a company located far away but offering lower prices, instead of the airport rental company. Make sure you get the best deal to make the hassle worth it.


Nowadays, paying upfront for your rental car can cost you less. This is a good option if you are sure about your plans, and the price is low.

Rewards program

Join different rental car loyalty programs, especially those which you use the most. This can help you collect reward points which you can later redeem for your next car, and get discounts meant only for members.

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