Cool Home Decor Ideas You Can Steal From Hotels

Don’t you just love that blissful, relaxed feeling you get when you wake up in a nice hotel? It could also be because you’re not constantly thinking about your work emails or a pile of laundry that awaits you at home. But it can also be the expertly designed hotel decor. Here are some ideas to bring home some of the luxe vibes even after your vacation’s over.

Hang a dramatic light fixture at the entrance of your house

Hotels, like people, rely on their first impressions. Even though your friends or loved ones won’t just turn around and leave, it won’t hurt to make the entrance of your house as memorable as possible. You may not have or even need a 30-foot-high ceiling. A dramatic light fixture or piece of art can make a pretty bold statement right away.

Make a separate area within a room

Imagine your living room to be a hotel lobby filled with different areas for different activities such as a working area with your laptop, a comfy chair for curling up with a book, or a couch to have tea with a friend. The primary furniture should face inward to empower the conversation. An outward-facing reading chair is apt for alone time.

Mix multiple textures

If you love a minimalist palette but you don’t want it to be boring, add depth to any color scheme by mixing in some fuzzy rugs and worn wood alongside crisp, sleek furniture.

Use creative drapery

A full-on canopy bed might feel a bit fussy. But a single white veil not only looks fresh but also lavish. It helps in breaking up irregularly shaped spaces or make room for privacy.

Add tiles in different spots/places

Putting up tiles at unexpected places is a great way to draw people’s attention especially to those areas our eyes would otherwise just skip over, such as the stairs. Putting tiles on stairs is also advantageous as they’re easier to clean than a rug.

Velvet dining chairs

Dinner might be an informal rushed affair in our day to day life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Try investing in extra-comfy upholstered chairs which make suppertime feel luxurious.

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