Affordable Home Improvement Projects You Can Start Today!

If you enjoy DIY projects, you’re already on your way to increased savings. With a bit of planning, you can further increase your savings while adding a ton of personality and character to your home.

Here are affordable home improvement projects you can start today:

Refresh your walls, floor, and tiles with a new coat of paint

You can add incredible depth and character to your walls, floors, and tiles with a fresh coat of paint. Select a color that matches an overall theme for the room or your entire home. To add more textures, you can also experiment with simple patterns using stencils. To get a smooth finish, apply paint with a brush, then smoothen it over with a foam roller and finish with a layer from a paint gun. 

Invest in a new dishwasher for increased savings

Dishwashers are super easy to install, and you can do it all by yourself in a matter of a few hours without the need for a plumber or electrician. Once installed, dishwashers lead to tremendous savings on your water and electricity bills through the course of the year.

Add privacy and prevent overheating with window shades

Window shades add a great design element to your windows and home while at the same time filtering prying eyes and prevent direct sunlight from heating your home. They are the original window treatments are a simple way to add detail. They are also super simple to install as they latch on to a thin frame either on the inside of the window opening or around the casing.

Give your kitchen cabinets a new look

Kitchen cabinets can look outdated and give your kitchen a dinghy appearance. It can, however, be, a fun and affordable home improvement project to re-paint them over the course of a weekend. The result can make your kitchen bright and welcoming at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

Invest in a water filter

The questions about the purity of tap water have led to a significant and sudden rise in the use of bottled water. This is causing a lot of damage to the environment while at the same time putting a dent in the wallet of consumers. A simple, cost-effective alternative that you can install in a few hours, is a high-quality water filter, that can increase savings and help the environment.

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